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            2. R&D

              Telilan walked into the Social Welfare Center of Binhu District

              Dont do small things for good, dont do small things for evil h......


              About Telilan Technology Leading Life

              Jiangsu Telilan Coating Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hudai Industrial Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu. It ...


              Growth course

              Owning staff


              Telilan ndustry

              The company's business covers vacuum coating and processing in the fields of digital 3C electronics, household appliances, white goods, auto parts, etc. The company has top R&D talents in the industry, and realizes the integration of the entire business from mold development, product design, equipment debugging, and product processing. The company has internationally advanced production and inspection equipment, and has a very high level of technology in the coating industry. The company has carried out business cooperation for many of the world's top 500 companies, and achieved breakthroughs in a number of key projects and industry difficulties.

              Injection Molding

              Full line of German imported robots for automated molding


              Advanced surface coating assembly line processing


              With more than 300 top engineers in the industry, serving global top 500 companies

              Vacuum Coating

              Vacuum coating, automatic spraying, UV treatment, 3D laser carving, AOI inspection, standardized dust-free production line

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